Parking Information

Parking Information

Parking Availability

Parking for events is available in the parking lot situated in front of the Paradise Entertainment Center.  Except for reserved parking privileges, parking is available on a first come, first served basis.

Parking Liability

The PEC is not responsible for damages to vehicles or theft of property from vehicles parked in the  parking lot adjacent to Paradise Entertainment Center.  Patrons should not leave personal items in plain view inside their vehicles. 

Parking Hours

Event Parking is available beginning one-hour  prior to the scheduled start time of the event and one-hour after the end of the event.  Patrons may not leave vehicles parked in the PEC Parking lot more than one hour following the end of an event.  PEC will tow the vehicle of Patrons violating this policy. 

Parking Restrictions & Recovery of Towed Vehicles

Vehicles must be parked in areas marked for general parking only.  Vehicles parked in restricted areas, reserved parking spaces, fire lanes, no parking zones and unlawfully parked in handicapped parking will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Persons whose vehicles have been towed may go to the Box Office to obtain information regarding where they may claim their towed vehicle.  If the Box Office is closed, persons may call PEC at
(901) 417-8855 to obtain information regarding the location of their towed vehicle.