Advertising at the PEC

Why Paradise Entertainment Center Advertising?  It Will Make Your Business A Rising Star !

The Paradise Entertainment Center features a spacious seating area and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Cost to reach your target audience is less than that of traditional advertising, such as radio or print.
Paradise Entertainment Center Advertising is a great addition to your current advertising plan. We have opportunities for businesses both large and small. Through development of a customized marketing package, the Paradise Entertainment Center can offer high-impact visual advertising to meet your needs.
Increase the Visibility of Your Business Immediately . . .

Let PEC Put You On-Stage Now!

Contact the Paradise Entertainment Center Marketing Department
(901) 417-8855.

Annual PEC Events

Annual PEC Events Include:

•   Mid-South Rhythm & Blues Awards
•   Southwest Tennessee Community College  Commencement.

•   Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser Breakfast

•   Memphis Black Arts Festival

Premium Video Wall Signage

Large Screen Video Wall signage is the single most visible advertising opportunity in the Paradise Events Center.

You will receive two (2) electronic messages for each event.

Advertising exclusivity available - Pricing options to obtain non competitive product advertising is availble in the arena, except for event specific sponsors.

Multi-Year Contracts at an annual price are available. 

Current advertisers will retain first right of refusal and the opportunity to maintain their advertising privileges.

Large Screen HD Digital Signage

PEC Digital Signage Opportunities are available throughout the facility including VIP and Deluxe Seating Areas.

PEC High Definition Digital Screens are available in 42”, 55” and 60” size monitors.

High Definition Moving Video and Static Picture Advertisements are Big, Bold, Colorful.

Prices include all production costs and one full year’s exposure.

Advertisement changes throughout the year are permitted at the expense of the advertiser.

Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Payment Plans are available.

Non-Profit Organization Rates Available.

Contact the Paradise Entertainment Center Marketing Department at
(901) 417-8855 or by email at for Current Pricing and Availability.

Ticket Envelope Advertising

Ticket envelope advertising displays your message exclusively.

There are no advertisers competing on an opposite page for the reader’s attention.

Your advertisement is distributed at a controlled pace over a predicted time period.

Most ticket buyers will have your ad in their possession an average of two (2) to three (3) weeks prior to the event.

Ticket Back Advertising

Exposure - Ticket back advertising is a great opportunity for local businesses to be in the hands of every event patron.

Opportunity - Utilize this opportunity to implement coupons, discounts, reservation information, or distribute your website information. It can be customized to meet your advertising program.

Year Round Visibility - Your advertisement will appear on the back of every show tickets and will be seen at some of Memphis’ most attractive events. Your advertisement is not for just one show - it is for all shows utilizing tickets.

Positioning - Your message is seen by all market segments and demographics.

Image - Your company is showing support for PEC and helping to invigorate the economic growth of our community.

Maximizing Views - Your advertisement is not just for one show - it is in the hands of patrons for at least sixteen months.

First Right of Refusal - Your company will have the first opportunity to renew the advertising space in coming years.